Intensifying of citizen self-organization and participation in local self-government has been gaining relevance under the conditions in which the Belarusian society has been developing. Further improvement of the legal and organizational framework for local self-government is a fundamental factor in promoting the role of local self-government bodies in the delivery of public services.

The Belarusian Constitution (Article 117) provides for territorial public self-government as a legal and organizational form of citizen involvement in local self-government. This form of engagement in local governance was first set forth in law and began to develop in Belarus in the October of 1989. However, due to a number of causes, territorial public self-government has failed to develop on a large scale or realize its capabilities.

The aim of this study is to research the evolution, formation and functioning of territorial public self-government bodies (TPSGBs), identify problems and factors inhibiting the exercise of citizens’ rights to self-government, and define a strategy for the effective and sustainable development of local communities and territorial public self-government bodies they form.

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