Call for mini-projects “TANDEM IV”

“TANDEM IV – Sustainable Cooperation Between NGO and Local Authorities to Support Citizen Participation in Local Self-Government and Local Communities Development in the Republic of Belarus” project is implemented by European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA (hereinafter – ALDA) with the participation of NGO “Lev Sapieha Foundation”.

Deadline for applications – November 15, 2017 (until 24:00, UTC+03:00).

TANDEM IV Project is aimed at engaging and supporting of active participation of citizens in the local problem-solving process through strengthening interaction and cooperation on sustainable development issues between non-governmental organizations and local authorities.

The project is intended to support local communities and civil society organizations development and their interaction with local authorities by providing technical and financial support for mini-projects implementation on local level. Mini-projects will be selected by the open call.


  • To promote active civil society participation in local self-government and local problems solving.
  • To support non-governmental organization in implementation of the projects that are aimed at public interest impression and protecting for sustainable development of the territories.
  • To promote communication, to strength interaction and “best practices” exchange among NGOs, initiative groups of citizens and local authorities.
  • To revive “talaka” heritage (“talaka” is a communal work) and to reduce paternalistic attitudes in the society.


  • NGOs,
  • Non-governmental institutions (NSI),
  • Initiative groups of citizens (IGS),
  • Local authorities.


There are two supporting programs:

PROGRAM A (Partnership projects). Three mini-projects could be supported. The projects should be aimed at sustainable development on local level, at partnership and cooperation with local authorities.

Mini-projects should be implemented by state and non-state actors by the following schemes: NGO+LA, NSI+LA or IGS+LA, that means that direct participation of local authorities is obligatory.
Each of the partnership projects could be supported by max. 10 000 USD.

PROGRAM B (Citizen initiatives). Five mini-projects could be supported. The projects should be targeted at solving local issues and development of cooperation with local authorities.

Mini-projects could be implemented by NGO, NSI or IGS with the LA support.
Each mini-project could be supported by max. 5 400 USD.

The term of mini-projects implementation (including the term of their registration) – January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.

Find more on Belarusian version of the web-site.

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