Three days in Belarus to promote good governance and local development

The Eastern Partnership Coordinator of ALDA, Mr. Alexandru Coica, went to Belarus for a 3-day visit where he took part in several events.

Currently, there are more than 10 projects implemented all over Belarus thanks to the support of ALDA. The main objective is to engage citizens in local processes in order to improve and develop their communities and establish a constructive dialogue with local and regional authorities for a better implementation of local policies.

The delegate visited the “Lev Sapieha Foundation”, ALDA’s local partner for the project TANDEM IV. The aim of the project is to contribute to the community development and cohesion at the local level and to promote local democracy values by encouraging cooperation among civil society, citizens and local authorities in Belarus.

ALDA’s delegate was also invited to attend the official opening of an eco-hiking trail in Machulishe. ALDA was supporting the project which has been implemented by the Ecological Education and Development Center. The opening ceremony was largely attended as it successfully mobilized several schools, the village administration and the regional forest’s administration of the city of Minsk. Thanks to this joint effort, a unique protected area which hosts rare species of birds and plants will be preserved.

Furthermore, another important event organized in the village of Gatovo, deserves a particular attention for the achieved results. A local NGO, with the support of ALDA, involved the community into a process to rehabilitate an infrastructure and plant trees blocking future access to cars. One of the most important aspects of this project is that citizens have been involved directly in the process and played a key role in the rehabilitation process.

At the end of this visit, Mr. Alexandru Coica participated in a working meeting with the EU Delegation. In that occasion, the delegate shared ALDA’s developing mid-term plans in Belarus in order to identify common priorities.

Source: ALDA

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